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Epidaurus & Mycenae


Sounion S-Cape

Incentive Travel & Corporate Events

Quick Overview

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As per request
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English, Italian


Be inspired by our extraordinary Incentive Travel and Corporate Events Program in Greece and build a solid future for your Company, based on the kind of incentive reward that is remembered longer than any other:




be a greekLocation
be a greekDuration
As per request
be a greekAvailable Languages
English, Italian

Based on our numerous areas of expertise and highly trained Team of Experts, we are able to plan, adjust and perfectly implement all types of Incentive Travels, Team Bonding Events, Business Symposiums and Corporate Meetings in Greece. No matter how particular or complex your Company’s requests are, we will embrace your needs and give you a unique Experiential Event.

Greece enjoys a millennia-old tradition of philoxenia (Φιλοξενία), that is the Art of Acts of Hospitableness and Welcome. We take every necessary step to continue this tradition by ensuring the offering of unique and exclusive opportunities and privileges to our distinguished Guests. The combination of immense natural diversity, climate, ancient and modern monuments and exclusive products and services, renders the choice of Greece to host your Incentive programs a truly easy one.

Such Team Building moments are memorable and helpful for both your Employees and Clients. Designed specifically to match your own corporate culture, they will come to be an indispensable part of your internal travel policy. Our exclusive Incentive Program Specialists provide the perfect planning of various events to incentivize your employees and drive your business forward.


Why choose to incentivize?

Be Different

Our unique incentive Experiences, unlike cash-only incentives, drive your employees to set an example for all the other members of your Team. By sharing their Experience with others, they will bring your team’s efforts to a higher new level, reinforce the reward and the behavior that led to the giving of the reward and finally encourage Team Bonding and provide your Company with a newfound, solution-offering inspiration and decision making.

Incredible Benefits

Corporate Incentive Programs drive a Company to excellence by inspiring exceptional staff performance with tangible, unique rewards. Multiple global studies and analyses have demonstrated the multitude of benefits an incentivizing Company enjoys. Higher production rates, true motivation and new intrapersonal collaboration themes are just a few of the goals your team members will thrive to fulfill.

Return of Investment

In the last decade only, Incentive Travel investments yielded a return of investment of more than 4:1, the benefits resulting from recognizing performance and increasing sales and leading to the building of an exceptional Company morale, improving employee loyalty and fostering original teamwork.


Some of the Executive Services provided:

  • Detailed One-of-a-kind Itineraries
  • Luxury Transportation Services
  • VIP Hotel Facilities
  • Yacht Charter Management
  • Indoors & Outdoors Activities
  • Skill Improving Venues
  • Exclusive Spa Accommodations & Health Programs
  • Extensive Event Planning
  • Entertainment & Sport Events
  • Award-winning Culinary Experiences
  • Personalized Wine Tasting Sessions
  • Relaxing Leisure Activities
  • Multi Language Services
  • Dream Shopping Experience


Feel free to use our Inquiry Form to communicate with our Incentive Program Specialists and create your ideal Incentive Travel.

Due to the nature of this Experience, price varies depending on your preferences and wishes. Please use our inquiry form for more info.